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E-Mail Tracking  

email tracking, proof-of-posting receipts, proof-of-reading certificates, and self-destructing-emails

Self-DestructingEmail gives you full email tracking facilities by sending you a return receipt email or an SMS/ICQ instant message the moment that mail you have sent gets opened. Your return-receipt is a live tracking window which self-updates and includes the date and time that your message was first opened and read, how long the message was read for, the approximate physical location of the reader, how many times your email was re-opened and re-read, as well as when and where etc, what kind of e-mail software your reader is using, what kind of computer and operating system your reader uses, what languages your reader can accept or understand, what kinds of email attachments your reader can view (eg: Microsoft documents, or Adobe files, etc), whether or not your email was forwarded to someone else, and, If it was forwarded, where is was forwarded to, sometimes including who subsequently reads it. If your email gets published online, you can find this out too, as well as where (the URL) usually. If you sent any URLs in your email, you can find out which ones were clicked on by your recipient, and when.

No software or downloads are necessary for either the sender or the recipient to install. Self-DestructingEmail already works with all popular email and webmail programs and services.   You just add "" onto the end of the email address you are writing to before clicking send.

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